Atsuko Susuki
Photo book | Imitation Bijou
Hardcover 15.5 x 11.6, 190 pages
Published by DOOKS (June 2019) 4,600yen (+tax 5,060 yen)
Regular version 300 copies・30 special editions (acrylic case with print)
Photos and text | Atsuko Susuki
Text by | Kotaro Iizawa (photography critic)
Translation by|Robert Zetzsche
Design | Daichi Aijima
Printing/Binding|SunM Color
Printing Director | Takao Maekawa

Photo book|Appear
Scroll books 27cm x 7m 3,500 yen (+tax 3,850 yen)
Text by |「The light that shines into the world "Takahiro Ito (Curator, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography)
Translation by|Robert Zetzsche
Design|Shin Akiyama + Keiko Miyahara/edition.nord
Printing/binding|chiku chiku laboratory kobe

From Atsuko Susuki's recent works, 16 photographs with the power to strongly evoke individual readers' imaginations while being abstractly selected, were compiled into a photo book in the form of a makimono, a horizontal hand scroll, a traditional Japanese expression format that has existed as a record medium in Japanese until modern times and is still used as a form of traditional Japanese painting. When viewing the central photograph, one is made to feel the lingering of the previous photograph and the foreshadowing of the next, experiencing a deeply connected visual time sequence. Each paper leaf of the main text is printed with high-quality laser printing for long-length output and bound to the cover with rough stitching, with text pages sewn in at the end. Although slightly thick paper is used for the cover, the overall atmosphere is delicately and daily designed to avoid the heaviness commonly associated with classical scrolls, with careful consideration given to the specifications and material and tying method of the fastener. By being slowly unfolded and appreciated, a characteristic way of reading scrolls, it is expected that readers will deeply penetrate and resonate with their memories, each and every one of them.